Many thanks to the thousands of Scots who shared our Referendum / FACTS page in the lead up to voting in the 2014 Referendum where only 19% of all Scottish people actually voted for so called ‘independence’ albeit 45% of those who were allowed a vote (3.5million denied) and whom did so – subject to traitor Salmond’s craftily negotiated framework and the dubious electoral commissions shameful wording.


The result was a huge relief but Scotland used to be 90% for the union of Britain so it was also sad to see only 55% (despite the unfair disadvantages) BUT it will rise again… and there needs to be a permanent group ‘Future-Better Together’ working to educate children of ALL the facts rather than just what is whipped up in a frenzy at a referendum. I drank a toast of whisky (naturally Scotch) to the father of Britain, King James of Scots! He who first united all the parts of this fantastic island home of ours, and created the Union Flag (the best British design idea is Scots YES it’s true). When leaders like Salmond or Hitler have the cunning to fool a large part of the population into mass unwarranted divisiveness we need to be READY. We must be!


Therefore Britain needs to launch ‘Future Better Together’ or

‘YES UK’ – Leading Britain Together!


An organisation which will campaign & educate to ensure that in the tragic event of another travesty leading to a referendum in any part of the UK that (after Salmond, Blair & Cameron are strung up) then the following will apply:


* 10 point guide for any future referendum – see especially point No. 10


1. That all Scots must be allowed to vote if there is a next time. The SNP achieved 37% of the electorate partly because they cunningly banned millions of Scots who were working away! (Educated, cosmopolitan, savvy people, who did not choose to find their country destroyed upon returning home, without even a say in the matter). Whether temporarily working abroad or relocating for family reasons, all Scots have a right to consider the whole UK their home without forfeiting their rights of birth, determination, possible future homeland and not to be stripped of their very nationality without a vote! The UK government were utterly undemocratic & incompetent (if not treasonous) to allow the SNP’s protocol for such a referendum. Also in the interests of fairness, perhaps those who are half Scottish can attend special polling stations where collectively the votes would carry 50% weight to those of full Scots. In any event the majority of Brits consider Britain to be their country, whether English, Welsh, Irish, Scottish or Cornish, and they ALL deserve just as much of a say before the UK is destroyed (otherwise one could declare an independence referendum for anywhere from Tooting to Skye).


2. That any future referendum will grant the word ‘YES’ (this time, to be fair) to the Better Together campaign… ‘YES’ for remaining part of the UK. Therefore the negative word ‘No’ would be for those who don’t wish to remain in the UK. There is a definite (subliminal psychological) benefit, especially with ‘undecided’ voters, to having the ‘Yes’ option! Alternatively there simply isn’t a Yes or a No question… Rather just put a cross next to ‘Scotland should be part the UK’ /or/ ‘Scotland should not be part of the UK. Terminology really does effect the hard of thinking, to a vast extent, another example being that the very word ‘independent’ was in itself latently misleading as in most respects all of the UK is at least as democratic and already ‘independent’ as most nations in the world – and Scotland founded and helps drive the union. The term ‘independant’ conjures false images for the ignorant, and suggests imperial or ownership terms rather than an agreed partnership. As Bob Geldof said “You Scots didn’t just join the Union, you have been f***ing running the show!”. Also a growing number of Scots would like to see the referendum include a vote to abolish the Scottish Parliament (see 10).


3. That the ‘Future Better Together’ team will USE THE SCOTTISH FLAG of Saint Andrew. (Or Welsh if a referendum in Wales, England or Ireland) With the word ‘YES’ (for staying part of UK) written across the flag. The shameful HIJACKING of the Scottish flag by those who wished to destroy the very Britain which Scotland created, must never happen again! The Better Together people were left with the combined colours of Labour & Liberal. Red, also as seen on England’s Flag (durr) and yellow the colour of cowardice. Another idea would be to create a special campaign flag based upon the Scottish flag: Some ideas are as follows (i) A ‘quarter divided flag’ with the Scots flag being the main 3/4 and the Union Flag being in the top left hand corner. (ii) The Union Flag but with the quarter / or the three quarter stripped down to the flag of St Andrew. (iii) Same as previous idea ii but halves with the division along the full length of a diagonal.


4. That NON-UK citizens may certainly NOT vote on a matter which spans British generations past and future. Scots temporarily working or living overseas MUST have a postal vote, including every single member of Her Majesties Armed Forces.


5. That the true history of Britain will become part of compulsory education including learning about Scots influence, their UK Prime Ministers and about the greatest historical M.P.s from all four corners of the UK such as the Welsh instigator of the NHS Aneurin Bevan… to counter the subliminal influences and latent attitudes caused by soft propaganda and intentionally decisive and unfathomably destructive feature films… Let’s teach them about Scots like Burns, Inglis, Livingstone, Flemming, Seacole, MacPherson, Dowding and more legendary British Scotsmen & women. See the relevant influential points on the FACTS page. Demonstrably many voters under 18 years in 2014 were insufficiently educated about Britain’s true history to make a reasonable assessment and therefore, unless education is fairer, the voting age for sovereignty referendums must be reverted back to the age of 18. There are thousands upon thousands but just one example was a young voter who posted under a You Tube video of Braveheart, “Just watching that you’ve gotta vote Yes”. He truly, genuinely had no idea the film was 97% fiction.


6. That legislation be brought in, that very clear simultaneous information MUST be given to viewers by those broadcasting material (including pseudo historical films) which are likely to unduly effect peoples misunderstanding of true facts and subliminally influence their current or future political attitude, including material that: Purports or gives the impression of being historically factual while actually distorting the truth for political influence, or material deemed to insight racial hatred as was Braveheart for example. To grant an equal length broadcast with the truth, plus during any broadcast of propagandist/hate films that an onscreen corner graphic saying “FICTION / UNTRUE” with website address for the reality historical true facts provided by say ‘Future Better Together’. (Alternatively any broadcast of that particular film could very feasibly be illegal under the most recent racial hatred laws… Please if you are a legal expert in this field do let us know your opinion).


7. To survey then publicise the true level of Irish, Welsh, Scots and English mixed blood, genetics and families throughout The British Isles. To reveal and notify any remaining unaware Scots voters about the large percentage of Scots blood throughout England. That the UK is pretty much one people. These facts to be included in the curriculum mentioned in point 5 above. To survey the number of Scots working abroad for the short, medium or long term and to identify their views regarding their right to vote on such a matter of huge personal and national importance.


8. That the authorities including the police, come down hard (like a ton of bricks) on all, and any, disgusting tactics used by the so called ‘nationalists’ who caused criminal damage, committed electoral frauds, intimidated, abused, assaulted and threatened the great Scottish and great British public. How dare they get away with trying to destroy OUR Country by such methods.


9. Your suggestion here… Contact us and let us know!?


10(i). Implement the following BRILLIANT SOLUTION from a group of Britain’s only remaining great political minds :


“Retain devolved national assemblies but replace the representatives with each nations own Westminster MPs”…


The Scottish MSPs, the Welsh AMs and the Northern Irish MLAs would all be replaced with their OWN normally elected Westminster MPs. All these UK MPs would then spend say one week a month on devolved matters in the various regions, and the rest of the month at Westminster on general UK matters. English MPs would simply stay behind in Westminster for English-only days, as an ‘English Parliament’, the Scots would sit similarly in Edinburgh and so on. All UK MP’s excessive holidays may then need to be reduced marginally.


This team method would devolve beautifully to the regions whilst simultaneously bringing all parts of the UK closer together with team spirit, to be stronger and fairer throughout.


Also each tax payer then only has 1 representative to pay for from their taxes instead of 3 MPs as currently!


WARNING: Sadly the main old political parties are turning a blind eye to this wonderful solution and are sticking their fingers in their ears because they are against the party who thought of it, and because they feel it will make their own parties look stupid for having not thought of it themselves. We must back this idea or our nation is lost.


10(ii) The MacMillan-Cribb idea to make the land under the Houses of Parliament the sovereign soil of the ENTIRE United Kingdom. Not England alone. Not dissimilar to how an embassy is designated a specific national territory. This would forever be part of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England… reflecting the hearts of true Britons.